Protect Your Custom Copper Guttering with Gutter Screens

The purpose of guttering and downspouts is to make water flow away from your home and landscaping to protect them from dirt and erosion. They cannot perform their job correctly when dirt, leaves, and other debris are allowed to clog them. Gutter screens protect your gutters from becoming clogged, so they can continue to protect your home. Here is a quick step-by-step on how to install gutter screens.

Clean the Gutters

The first step is to thoroughly clean your gutters all the way around the house. Don’t install gutter screens over dirty guttering; that defeats the purpose.

Choose the Style

You’ll see several types of gutter screens when you visit your local home and garden center. Ask for help if you’re not sure which type to purchase. Some require extra tools where others simply slide and snap into place.

Tools You May Need

  • Ladder – for climbing onto the roof or to support you while you work beside the house.
  • Tape Measure – so you can measure correct lengths of gutter screen so there is no overlap.
  • Sheet Metal Screws – in case you need to screw the gutter screens into place.
  • Tin Snips – small scissors that cut metal so you can cut the gutter screens to size when needed.
  • Drill – a drill set with drill bits and screwdriver bits in case you need to drill holes to screw the screens into place.

It isn’t always necessary to screw the gutter screens into the gutter, and it is preferred that you do not drill holes into your copper guttering. Your best choice will be a gutter screen that attaches from the roof or can be secured into place without making holes in the guttering itself. Seamlessness and the lack of leaky holes is one of the reasons you chose custom copper guttering, after all.


Maintenance is easy; all you do is remove a section of the gutter screen once a year and clean the gutters with a hose. Your primary objective is to make sure water is flowing through the downspout as intended.

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