New Textured Prefinished Sheet Metal From GSB

TEXTUR3D Pre-finished Steel is Here!

Tired of the old shiny painted steel look for your standing seam roofs? What if your roof flashings - valleys, wall aprons, etc. - blended in better with the shingles? Want a valley flashing that stands up better to the installation process? 

The answer is our new textured painted steel - called Textur3D (get it 3D). The commercial grade SMP finish is one of the hardest finishes available. That finish means less surface scratches to ruin the appearance. With a 20 year paint finish warranty over a 26 ga. galvalume base metal, this sheet metal is built to last. 

What are the applications for Textur3D pre-finished steel?

Just about any application you are currently using already for your sheet metal projects. We can produce this in standing seam roof panels - including nail flange and snap lock. All of your roof flashings - valleys, step tins, wall aprons, rake and drip edge flashings, barrel roofs and whatever else you come across. 

Roof flashings

Standing Seam Roofing


Barrel Roofs

Bay Window Roofs

Chimney Flashings

Limitless Possibilities

What about colors?

We are stocking the most common colors right now with plans to expand to about 7 or 8 of the 13 total. Medium Bronze, Mansard Brown, Matte Black, and Dark Bronze are all colors that are commonly used in roofing and are available in stock. With a couple day lead time, we can have any of the 13 standard colors available from CMG. (Textur3D Metal Color Chart)

How does it look with shingles?

We will be bringing you more pics soon. Here is one that shows a swatch of the metal up close with shingles. The Medium Bronze texture goes really well with the Weathered Wood color dimensional shingle. 

So, give your next project the added flair it deserves with the new Textur3D pre-finished steel. Your customers will love. And, you will love the durability and toughness of this product for your roof valleys and other flashings.


Now, what about pricing?

Because of our new volume purchasing, we are able to offer the Textur3D metal at the same pricing as our standard 26 ga. SMP sheet metal. (Look next for added discounts on our standard 26 ga. SMP coming this summer). Don't forget to Contact Us for our current price list.

Plan now for your next project. Using our new Textur3D will impress your customers and convince them they made the right choice. Or, pass it up and hope your customer doesn't see it installed on a house done by the competition.

Of course, flat pictures of painted steel seen on your computer screen do this product no justice. We have samples (even small W valley samples) and color charts available. Just let us now you would like some.


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