How Finding a Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialist Works to Your Advantage when Customizing Your Home

Sheet metal fabrication takes a lot of skill and experience to perfect. One wrong move while working with sheet metal and you can cause serious injury or destroy the piece of metal with which you’re working. Finding a sheet metal fabrication specialist who will work with you to achieve your home customization goals isn’t always an easy task. That’s where you need the services of GSB Services, LLC, in Nashotah, WI. We’ll work with you to create a truly unique look for your home.

GSB Services, LLC was founded in 1996 when we only offered residential roofing, sheet metal, siding, and guttering services. We’ve grown since then and in 2009 we began offering primarily sheet metal fabrication and roof and gutter ice dam prevention. The shift in our business priorities gave us the opportunity to expand our workspace, and work with some amazing clients along the way. We feel that the relationships we’ve built with people have helped us create some pretty incredible, unique, custom copper accents.

Finding the Right Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialist

Locating a sheet metal fabrication specialist is as simple as searching online or asking a general contractor. We work with contractors often and meet many homeowners through that mutual connection. So, in a nutshell, just ask around. You’ll find us.

If you’re in the planning process, and working closely with a designer and builder, ask them about using custom sheet metal for things like flashing and guttering. Many times, when a designer and builder are working with you, they assume that you’re going to use regular, run-of-the-mill materials in the building process. Let them know ahead of time if you’d like to use custom sheet metal for items like accent roofing, finials, gutters, downspouts, and flashing. Custom metal work really helps a custom home maintain a truly unique appearance.

Designing Sheet Metal Accents

One of the first decisions you need to make when planning to include custom sheet metal in your home build is the type of metal to be used. Many homeowners go with copper, either 16oz or 20oz, because of the timeless beauty. Copper is rich and shiny when it’s new, and then turns green (patina) over time. 

We also work with stainless steel, which holds its age very well, and maintains that like-new shine for several years. Both types of metal may be worked and molded to meet your specific needs, but the ultimate decision is entirely yours. Will you choose the timeless beauty of copper, or the rugged durability of stainless steel? 

Contacting Us

GSB Services, LLC, is located at 220 Watertown Plank Road, Unit C, in Nashotah, WI. Our phone number is 262-646-3070. We are experts in custom sheet metal fabrication. We’ve built our professional reputation on honest, integrity, and of course expertise with copper and other metals. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to customize your home or office.

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