Custom Homes Deserve Custom Guttering and Downspouts

Your custom designed and custom built home deserves better than home improvement store guttering and downspouts. The ability to build a custom home is a dream all Americans have. Once we achieve that dream, our goal becomes home maintenance and improvement. One of the most unique ways we can improve on the perfection of our custom home is to include custom guttering and downspouts. Here are several ideas to customize your home through home improvements:

Custom Copper Gutters

Copper guttering is extremely durable, often lasting 50 to 80 years. You may choose to keep it nice and shiny with certain treatments, or allow it to patina over time. Guttering must be installed on your home to prevent damage to the exterior walls, the foundation, and your landscaping. Why would you use standard vinyl or aluminum guttering on a home you’ve worked your entire life to build? Make it stand out; use copper.

Custom Copper Downspouts

Downspouts are designed to lead water away from your home. No one said they have to be so plain and ugly. Check out our photo galleries to see some of the unique downspouts we’ve created for other homeowners. Our metalsmiths have years of experience in creating one-of-a-kind downspouts for homeowners who really want a unique look.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Accent roofing, chimney flashing, and functional accent pieces are quickly becoming popular ways to create a unique look for the home. Again, we encourage you to look at our photo galleries to see the accent roofing we’ve created with copper and other types of sheet metal. A standing seam cone roof, for example, adds a mystical beauty to one particular local home. 

Other types of functional accent pieces include:

Copper Chimney Flashing: Custom sheets of copper designed to create a seamless, water-tight seal between the chimney and roof. We work with both copper and steel chimney flashings, depending on your specific needs.

Custom Finial: A custom finial isn’t so unusual to see atop a home, but you rarely see custom copper finials. Our coppersmiths have a lot of experience creating custom copper accents for homes and other buildings. Give us an idea of what you’d like, and we’ll see it through to fruition.

Balcony Rails: Both copper and steel produce balcony rails that really draw attention to the home. 

Why Copper?

Copper is an expensive metal to work with; which is one of the reasons we love it. Copper earns its reputation as a prestigious metal because it looks incredible whether it is brand new or old. There is simply no mistaking the look of copper, regardless of age. The timeless beauty lends a classic appeal to nearly any home. When it is used as functional accent pieces on a custom built home, it truly helps set that home apart from others in the neighborhood.

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