Copper Project In Ixonia, WI – Copper gutters and copper roofing

The T.R. Copper roofing and Copper gutter project in Ixonia, WI

GSB Services, LLC was invited to look at a project in Ixonia, WI that initially involved installing new copper flashing on three bay window roofs and a small amount of copper flashing to be supplied to the roofing contractor for an addition to the home. The original bay window roofs were already clad in copper but the homeowner had always been disappointed with the flat appearance of the copper roofs. Apparently, the HVAC contractor hired to do the copper work did not have the capabilities to installed curved copper roofing on bay window roofs. He also lacked the ability to solder copper panels (we will discuss this later in the article). The original building contractor from Oconomowoc, WI (yes he was still in business after all these years) had asked several other builders and contractors who they would recommend for the copper work on this exquisite Ixonia, WI estate. These contractors pointed to GSB Services, LLC in Delafield, WI. Notice the before and after transformation of these copper bay window roofs! The homeowner now has the curved copper roofing that he always desired for his home.

The rest of the story!
There was an addition to the back of the house that involved a dormer being added to the cedar shake roof. It was discovered that the cedar shake roof needed to be replaced even though it had been regularly maintained by a cedar roof preservation company. The project was put out for bid. GSB Services was also asked to inspect and evaluate the existing copper saddles, copper flashing, and copper half round gutters for reuse. GSB Services and another roofing contractor identified that the original HVAC contractor hired to do the copper roofing had not soldered any of the copper work performed. The copper roofing had loosened up and was unsuitable for reuse. The existing copper half round gutters also had not weathered the years well. They were of a thinner material and inferior quality and also needed replacement. GSB Services was hired to install new solder seam roofs, new copper flashing, new copper moss strip (prevents moss build up on cedar shake roofs in wooded locations), and new copper gutters and downspouts in conjunction with the re-roofing project. Part of the homeowner’s decision to choose GSB Services was because GSB Services insisted on solder seam roofing for the saddle areas and the use of 20 oz copper gutters for the copper half round gutter system. Notice the before and after for the copper solder seam saddle area and copper chimney flashing.

Delafield Copper Contractor Beautifies Wisconsin Home

The copper half round gutter system included both 6″ and 7″ copper half round gutters and 5″ smooth round copper downspouts from the World Gutter System. The Wales, WI roofing contractor (on the recommendation of GSB Services) installed 100% Vertical Grain Heavy Cedar Shakes. These cedar shakes are approved by the Cedar Bureau. The finished product was beautiful and will provide decades of life and protection to this outstanding home. During the project, the homeowner added several other areas to improve the appearance of his home. GSB Services added copper to a couple of turret windows to prevent dripping onto the lower sill of the window – it was starting to rot. We also clad the trim of an arch top attic vent on the front facade of the home. Care had to be taken not to damage any of the original stucco work.

Are your in need of quality copper work on your home? Do you have an interesting architectural copper project and don’t know where to turn to? Do you want beautiful and long lasting results like those featured here?

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