Chimney flashings are required to prevent leaks around the area where the chimney goes into the roof. They prevent serious water damage from affecting the chimney, roof, and structure of the home. The professionals at GSB Services, LLC have many years of experience in fabricating and installing copper, Galvalume, lead, and prefinished steel chimney flashings.

Ageless Beauty

Copper is never mistaken for another metal; it doesn’t take a trained eye to see the true beauty it has to offer. New copper is very bright and shiny, conveying a sense of quality and pricelessness. Aged copper takes on an entirely new appearance which is just as unique as new copper. Properly fabricated and installed copper flashings maintain their graceful beauty for 80 to 100 years.

Our metalworkers also work with prefinished steel, Galvalume, and lead. Our installation process ensures that no matter which type of metal chimney flashing you choose, it will truly stand the test of time and look amazing.

Functionality and Durability

The purpose of a flashing is to prevent water from leaking between chimney material and roofing material. Water is very damaging to the structure of your home, and flashings are designed specifically to keep water at bay. A watertight finish is absolutely critical to the functionality of chimney flashings.

The installation process plays a major role in the success of chimney flashing. We offer true reglet cut chimney flashings, cutting the flashing directly into the mortar joints of chimney brick. Any other type of installation eventually fails, allowing the chimney to become completely saturated with rain water.

Unparalleled Service

GSB Services, LLC offers homeowners, contractors, and commercial property owners all of the advantages of dealing with a small company and all of the resources available to a big company; the best of both worlds. Our fabrication and installation processes do not fall short of the old world craftsmanship you expect from custom chimney flashings. We firmly believe that the quality of these processes must match the quality of the flashings. We begin with a high quality product and finish each job with high quality results.

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