Choose Custom Sheet Metal Guttering and Flashing for a Stunning Finish

Every homeowner dreams of the time that they will build a custom home and truly customize every aspect. Custom sheet metal guttering and flashing adds a very unique appeal to any style of home. Copper is quite possibly the most perfect metal to make guttering and flashing because it is sturdy, unique, and ages fantastically. 

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary

Your home either stands above the rest, or it blends into the neighborhood. If you’re looking for custom copper guttering and flashing, you probably want your home to be a bit above ordinary; maybe even extraordinary. Custom copper guttering and flashing is not a quick fix, and it is not found in your local home and garden center.

Custom woodwork is pretty common among homeowners who want their home to stand out. Custom copper guttering, flashing, and accent roofing is a bit more rare and appeals to a much smaller list of clientele. Homeowners often consider the cost of custom copper guttering and downspouts too great without stopping to consider the incredible investment opportunity.

Most people either love copper or they hate it because of the way it reacts with the elements, and the fact that it is expensive compared to other types of guttering. But consider this – copper doesn’t rust or rot, making it one of the best materials for outdoor accents. It doesn’t become warped in excessive heat or break during excessive cold.

Custom copper guttering is created as a seamless unit to prevent leaks. Seamless guttering protects your home much more effectively than seemed guttering that is held together by bolts; which offer yet another way to rust and leak.

You can’t go wrong with seamless copper guttering as far as aesthetics, durability, sustainability, and overall protection against rain and drainage. The same may be said about custom copper accent roofing, downspouts, and chimney flashing. Each piece of custom copper is fabricated using quality sheet metal and created to fit the individual homeowner’s needs.

Expense vs. Durability

Yes, as I stated above, custom copper work is more expensive than items you can buy from your local home and garden center. The cost is offset, however, by the durability of each item. Copper items will not rust. They do react with oxygen and the elements, but they create a completely unique look as time goes by. Copper turns green, but not all at once.

The quality and workmanship of copper pieces will absolutely outshine the competition. Custom copper guttering, downspouts, flashing, roof accents, and ornaments are made to order. They don’t sit around collecting dust in the back of some warehouse somewhere. Some homeowners want their copper to have a pre-aged look. We do speed that process along, and we can add several years of “life” to your custom copper if you wish.

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