Avoid Ice Dams Next Year with These Amazing Ideas

People who live in temperate climates just don’t understand how a harsh winter storm can create ice dams that can tear your roof to bits if it gets heavy enough. Ice dams form when melting snow refreezes on or near the edge of your roof or guttering. More snow falls and insulates the already-frozen snow so that it doesn’t melt as quickly in the daytime sunshine, and the cycle repeats until warm weather hits or until you melt away the ice dam. All the while, you’re concerned that your roof will be damaged or rot will set in prematurely. Here are several incredible ideas that will help prevent ice dams.

Radiant Roof Panels

Radiant roof panels and the radiant edge valley are devices that are mounted onto your roof. They produce heat when needed so ice dams melt before they’re allowed to get out of hand. They must be activated when needed, but they are very effective at preventing ice dams. Radiant roof panels also prevent the need for those ugly zig-zag heated cables on your roof. Not only were they ugly, they were a potential fire hazard.

Heated Gutter Protection

Heating cables are your best defense against frozen water in your gutters. Heating cables cost very little to operate. VersaScreen Gutter Protection presented the IceBlaster a few years ago, and it has been the saving grace for several homeowners in the Nashotah, WI area. They sit seamlessly and invisibly on your gutter, and provide enough heat to prevent the formation of ice dams.

Damages Caused by Ice Dams

Ice is heavy. When it settles in large chunks at the edge of your roof or on your guttering, things can get ugly fast. Your roof simply isn’t built to support a lot of weight from above, especially eves and overhangs. Large ice dams damage or break weaker areas, leading to a leaky roof, or the formation of ice in your attic. As the ice melts; you guessed it. Structural damage, and the introduction of moisture into areas which should always remain dry. This introduces the possibility for mold and rot.

Safety Concerns

Ice dams are very heavy and above your head. They can cause serious injury if they fall on someone or something. Icicles are very sharp and can cause serious injury if they fall on someone or something. Icicles may even puncture siding or windows as they go crashing to the ground.

Call a roofing specialist today to discuss options for avoiding ice dams and safe removal procedures. Our roofers here at GSB are homeowners as well, we understand the need to get this issue taken care of during spring and summer, because winter will be upon us again before we realize it. Give me a call any time for a free consultation and estimate.

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