A. C. Stoughton, WI

Wow talk about the poster child for clean and dry gutters. This stuff is the cats meow. Thanks so much for putting the increased heat cables in {VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro}, they worked fantastic. The rest of the house is hung like Doctor Zavargo house in Russia but not the back - all the gutters are snow and ice less.

Mark Bordeaux Brookfield, WI

Hi Greg, just wanted to follow up with you regarding the work you did at my Brookfield ranch house last summer . As you recall we had significant ice dam issues over the front door of the house when we bought it. The dam was 5-6 feet back on the roof and I estimate 15-18 inches deep at its peak. We also had Ice dam issues over our sun room addition. Over the summer you suggested cutting in a ridge vent and then add your roof heating system and gutter guards. (I also added blown cellulose insulation.) We all agreed this was the best approach and we began to install.

Over last winter we had zero ice dam issues over the front door or sun room. We could actually see the snow melting down the valleys and could hear the rain gutters dripping with melted snow . We are believers that by adding your valley and rain gutter heating system we had an ice dam free winter.

Please feel free to use us as a reference for those who have questions.

Karl Ekman President, Sterling Hasey Co.

During our 28+ years in custom home building, we have never had a more dependable and quality minded sheet metal contractor on our team than GSB Services, LLC. Greg Bublitz and his craftsmen have done an outstanding job, and we especially appreciate their fine copper work. I fully endorse this excellent contractor.

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