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Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Specialists
Ice dams are caused by snowmelt refreezing at the eaves or gutter edge. Causes range from heat loss from the conditioned living space to temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing to the sun warming the roof surface and melting snow. As this melt water reaches the cold gutter or roof edge it refreezes and forms a ‘dam’ or build up that traps water behind. This trapped water then finds its way in through weaknesses in the roof structure causing property damage including rot and mold. The build up on the exterior leads to large, dangerous icicle formation and treacherous, slippery spots on walks and drives below. Both are a physical health risk. We specialize in minimizing Ice Dam Formation using safe, efficient radiant roof panels and heated gutter protection.

How the Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Systems Work
We only use UL listed self regulating heat cables in our systems. We are the Wisconsin source for Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems and heated gutter guards from VersaScreen Gutter Protection – the IceBlaster. All of our systems maximize efficiency and lower operating costs by combining self regulating heat cables with the thermally efficient properties of aluminum. We allow the roof and gutter heat cables to warm the aluminum panels which increases the area they warm by well established principles of thermal dynamics. More is accomplished with less. Less heat cable = less operating costs. There is no longer the need for inefficient, unsightly and unsafe zig zag heat cables on your roof. Our radiant roof panels are attractive and efficient!

Local Installation
No need to search for a competent contractor to solve your ice dam problems. We can design, fabricate and install a system that will provide years of trouble free, ice dam free service. We can work with your electrician or schedule one who has experience providing the power requirements for the system. The quotation process is easy and hassle free. You can expect a site visit were we assess your ice dam problems, design a solution, and provide you with a written proposal that meets your budget. We won’t pressure you, hang out until you sign, or offer to buy pizza while you decide. We will respect you and your time.

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