New Textured Prefinished Sheet Metal From GSB

TEXTUR3D Pre-finished Steel is Here! Tired of the old shiny painted steel look for your standing seam roofs? What if your roof flashings - valleys, wall aprons, etc. - blended in better with the shingles? Want a valley flashing that stands up... read more

Why Does Copper Turn Green?

One of the most popular questions regarding copper roofing is, “Why does copper turn green?” The answer often shocks the person asking the question. The plain, simple truth of the matter is – copper turns green due to... read more

How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Copper Roof and Guttering

I was just reading online tonight and I have to admit that I was shocked and a bit taken aback when I came across a question from a homeowner who owned a copper roof. The question was, “I have a copper roof that is turning green, can I... read more

How Finding a Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialist Works to Your Advantage when Customizing Your Home

Sheet metal fabrication takes a lot of skill and experience to perfect. One wrong move while working with sheet metal and you can cause serious injury or destroy the piece of metal with which you’re working. Finding a sheet metal... read more

Custom Homes Deserve Custom Guttering and Downspouts

Your custom designed and custom built home deserves better than home improvement store guttering and downspouts. The ability to build a custom home is a dream all Americans have. Once we achieve that dream, our goal becomes home maintenance and... read more

Copper Roofing Makes a Bold Statement

Copper has been used as a building material for centuries. Some of the most impressive architectural designs in the world have copper roofs or copper accent pieces. Copper is a very versatile metal that may be bent and shaped into nearly any... read more

Avoid Ice Dams Next Year with These Amazing Ideas

People who live in temperate climates just don’t understand how a harsh winter storm can create ice dams that can tear your roof to bits if it gets heavy enough. Ice dams form when melting snow refreezes on or near the edge of your roof or ... read more

Protect Your Custom Copper Guttering with Gutter Screens

The purpose of guttering and downspouts is to make water flow away from your home and landscaping to protect them from dirt and erosion. They cannot perform their job correctly when dirt, leaves, and other debris are allowed to clog them. Gutter ... read more

Choose Custom Sheet Metal Guttering and Flashing for a Stunning Finish

Every homeowner dreams of the time that they will build a custom home and truly customize every aspect. Custom sheet metal guttering and flashing adds a very unique appeal to any style of home. Copper is quite possibly the most perfect metal to make ... read more

Choosing Custom Copper Gutters and Flashing – What You Need to Know

Every home needs a guttering and downspout system to properly drain water. A home takes far too much abuse from water if it is not drained away. The sheer number of gutter and downspout options available on today’s market is amazing. Today... read more

5 Reasons to Choose Copper Guttering

Guttering is one of the necessary evils of homeownership. Shopping around for guttering isn’t exactly the most exciting part of building a new home or performing mandatory home improvement projects. I’m writing this today to show you ... read more

Beware of Shoddy Workmanship! An Experience from Wauwatosa, WI

Bad Workmanship Is Not Hard To SpotPoor Sheet Metal Workmanship in Wauwatosa, WI I was driving through Wauwatosa, WI the other day on the way back to the office from a meeting with a potential customer when it hit me. The glare was bad enough, but... read more

Copper Project In Ixonia, WI – Copper gutters and copper roofing

The T.R. Copper roofing and Copper gutter project in Ixonia, WI GSB Services, LLC was invited to look at a project in Ixonia, WI that initially involved installing new copper flashing on three bay window roofs and a small amount of copper... read more

Poor Chimney Flashing by “Professional” Roofing Contractor In Brookfield WI

Poor workmanship on Brookfield, WI chimney flashing! We recently visit a Brookfield, WI residence in the Le Chateau subdivision. We had worked on several homes in the area. This homeowner had actually stopped at a jobsite we were working on right ... read more

Poor Wall Flashing Details at Brookfield WI Residence

Roofing/Siding contractor fails to replace flashing! Earlier we posted the article on the poor chimney flashing done by this contractor on a home in Brookfield, WI. It is important to note that the contractor hired to do this work did both... read more
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