Chimney Flashing Repair in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Chimney Leak in Oconomowoc, WI Requires A Long Term Fix After trying the standard contractor ‘fix’ (which is to apply caulk or tar), this Oconomowoc, WI homeowner sought out a permanent fix. GSB Services, LLC was contacted to provide... read more

Another Example of Bad Workmanship on a Wisconsin Roof

Sometimes bad workmanship is easy to spot, sometimes its not so easy! We recently received some pics from a roofing contractor located in Wales, WI – Lefever Roofing. They regularly purchase our high quality roof flashings for installation... read more

Premature roof failure with painted valley flashing.

Standard roofing supplier flashings fail prematurely! A recent visit to a country club in Watertown, Wisconsin revealed a problem with the valley flashing. The Roof Valley Flashing used on the roof had the paint finish failing. It was the... read more
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